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Poyarkov Vasiliy Danilovich

Year of birth: 1610
Year of death: 1668

The pathfinder and seafarer, one of the pioneers of the Far East. In 1643, in the lead of a military detachment of 133 people, Poyarkov left Yakutsk and was the first of the Russians who entered the Amur basin. The purpose of the campaign was to bring from the Amur the information about everything seen and heard and bring the people living there, “under the high sovereign hand”.

Throughout the journey Poyarkov kept records, accompanying them with detailed drawings. His “tales” contain the information about which people live along the shores of the rivers seen, how and what they sow and which crops they harvest, what animals live in the forests, what is the fish in the rivers and lakes. The campaign continued for three years. During this time the Cossacks passed 7 thousand versts: Yakutsk – the Zeya river - along the Amur river up to its creek – along the Sea of Okhotsk to the creek of the Ulya river – Yakutsk.

Poyarkov gave the Yakut voevodes a detailed project for securing the Amur lands. News, brought by Poyarkov, quickly spread across Siberia, his expedition laid the foundation for the exploration and development of the Amur lands. Groups of Cossacks, industrialists, and peasants were moving closer to the Amur. The mountain on Sakhalin and a settlement in the Amur region were named after Poyarkov.