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Urban district "the City of Khabarovsk"

Khabarovsk stretched along the Amur River for 50 kilometers. The largest economic, financial and transport center of the Far East with a population of more than 618 thousand people (2018), Khabarovsk is constantly updating and modernizing its appearance.

The location at the intersection of overland, water, and air routes makes the capital of the region a powerful transport hub, and the immediate proximity of the state border of Russia allows active development of economic and trade, scientific and cultural international relations.

There are only 8 hours of flight in a modern airliner between Moscow and Khabarovsk. In summer, neighboring China can be reached by the river on high-speed vessels of the Amur River Shipping Company, and cargo and passenger vessels of the "river-sea" type make journeys to the ports of the countries of South-East Asia. Friendly Khabarovsk has twin-cities: Niigata in Japan, Portland in the USA, Victoria in Canada, Harbin in the PRC.

Important areas of industry are engineering, metallurgy, shipbuilding, oil refining, electric power, medical and food industries.

International scientific congresses, conferences, symposiums on various aspects of human existence are held regularly in Khabarovsk.

Modern Khabarovsk is rich with its talents: actors and musicians of drama theaters, musical comedy, pantomime, young spectator and puppet, symphony orchestra, youth and folk ensembles are always glad to meet guests of the city.

The city of developing culture with museums, parks, art galleries, unique relics and editions of the Krai scientific library always attracts a person for active rest. The Amur and its confluents have many attractive places for fishing enthusiasts. Next, to the city, the Bolshekhekhtsirsky Reserve is located, which offers its trails to tourists. Walks on the ship along the Amur, organization of "Russian gatherings", meetings with national and folk groups, participation in national holidays and festivities are very popular among guests of our city.