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Investment project “Vostochnoe pomorye” (Eastern maritime area)

Building and purchasing passenger cruise sailboats

Place for implementing the project
Federal Constituent Entity
Khabarovsk krai, Amursk Oblast, North-East PRC
City of Khabarovsk
Project organizer (initiator)
Name of the entity
Khabarovsk regional public organization “Yakhting Sport Federation”
Post address, Tel, Fax, e-mail

15 Yungov Street, Khabarovsk 680007,

tel (4212) 58-30-80, 
Contact person
Zainullin Bulat Karimovich – member of Presidium of YSF of Khabarovsk krai,  +79145412152,
Description of the project
Tourism, sports 
Project goal
Development of the priority for Khabarovsk krai cruise tourism in water area of the Okhotsk Sea

General characteristics of the project: production capacity, product types, good and services production volumes 

Building of scientific research motor sailing vessel “Kodiak” (Kodiak).

Purchasing four sailing yachts of A class, CE certificates.

Project stage and appraise at the present time  

Business-plan availability
Product demand features
Russian tourists as well as touristic services consumers from Asia-Pacific region 
Financial appraisal
Total project cost
≈ 1,0 mln. €, producer’s price  (four cruise yachts for 10 passengers each) including 10000 € to finish construction of “Kadiak” (Kodiak) 
Attracted funds
1,0 mln. Euros
Expenditure headings 
Construction and assembly works, purchasing cruise yachts, project life support 
Return on the project
Payback period
Profitability index
Modified internal revenue rate
Net present value
Life of the project
Investment scheme
Co-financing / Capital investment in statutory fund
Investment scheme of return:
Monetary funds,  as project recoupment