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Khabarovsky krai fish fauna

The Khabarovsky krai is one of the few spots of Russia with virgin nature. Over 120 lowland and mountain taiga rivers are found here, among them one of the greatest rivers of the planet, the Amur. Lenok (Siberian salmonid fish), golets (Arctic salmon), grayling, East Siberian char, cherry salmon, medium red salmon (coho), and also taimen (hucho) gigantic size from 40 to 90 kg, and the tsarina of Amur waters, kaluga (great Siberian sturgeon) that can be 6 meters long and weigh 1 200 kg – this is just a short list of all Khabarovsky krai water inhabitants. The area is a haven for enthusiasts where they go fishing both in rivers and lakes, and on the seashore. Rafters will find excellent fishing in the pure mountain rivers and the Shantar islands are home to a rare salmon species, rainbow trout (mikizha).