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The Lost World

Tours name The Lost World
Tour Adventure, eco-, expedition, aquatic tourism, trekking, hiking
Expected clientele Category 1. Men and women from 18 to 70, corporate clients  

Category 2. Teenagers over 14 accompanied by a legal representative
Season June – September
Duration 12 days/11 nights
Settlements on the route The Verkhnebureinsky municipal rayon, and the rayon after Polina Osipenko of the Khabarovsky krai
Khabarovsk city
Komsomolsk-na-Amure city
Briakan settl.
Shakhtinsky settl.
Chegdomyn settl.
Daily tour program

Day 1 
Departure from Khabarovsk city for Briakan settl. , overnight there;

Day 2 
Flying by helicopter to the estuary of the Kuraigagna river, unloading the rafting and major climbing equipment, transfer flight to Lake Medvezhye to the starting point on the route;

Day 3 
Passage from Lake Medvezhye via the waterfalls to the Kuraigagna river;

Day 4 
A hiking tour to the starting point of rafting;

Day 5 
Arrival to the location with boats, catamarans, a bath in the forest, rest;

Day 6 – Day 11 
Rafting down the Levaya Bureya river and visiting Strelka hunting lodge;

Day 12 
Arrival in Shakhtinsk, transfer to Chegdomyn settl., departure by night train to Khabarovsk

The cost includes
  • rental of helicopter to the mountains on the route Briakan – Dusse-Alin;
  • delivery from Khabarovsk city to Briakan settl.;
  • first aid kit;
  • three meals daily (tourists cooking the meals);
  • satellite communication (in emergency);
  • forest bath;
  • personal and group climbing equipment, climbing gear (tents, canopies, boats, fireplace gear, etc.);
  • qualified instructors;
  • nature reserve’s fees;
  • protection  from wild animals;
  • accommodation in Briakan settl. on the day of arrival;
  • permit to visit the nature reserve;
  • registering the group with the RF Ministry for Emergencies;
  • accident insurance;
  • meeting from the route in Shakhtinsky settlement;
  • railway tickets for Khabarovsk (economy sleeping car);
Extra pay
  • photography, video recording;
  • cooking;
  • special medical emergency evacuation insurance with attending medical staff; 
  • rental of a sleeping bag, pad;
  • rental of a satellite phone for personal calls
Description The tour named The Lost World starts in one of the most picturesque virgin nature spots of the Far East among the rocky mountains of the Dusse-Alin Range. The tour will suit those seeking for the unbelievable wildlife scenes of the Khabarovsky krai and rafting down the scenic mountain river at that. The route is a combined one, after preparing the equipment; the helicopter takes the tourists who are after the unbelievable sights to the shore of Lake Medvezhye, this Gem of the Mountains where the hiking tour 25 km long begins. On the way the group will visit the tallest Neozhidanny Waterfalls (Unexpected Waterfalls), see canyons, abrupt rocks, and some smaller size waterfalls. The hiking part of the tour takes three days. Coming to the rafting start-up point after the taiga bath and rest the group is out for rafting. During six days of rafting one can luckily see a bear, Far Eastern red deer, moose, roe or an alert musk deer. The very first meters of the rafting expedition arouse a feeling of respect for the Bureya river that is unpredictable and very attractive. The name is given by the Evens to it. Excellent scenery, pristine nature, bright feelings and unforgettable adventures await the traveler on the route


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Contact information

Far Eastern Center for Active Recreation and Travel LLC General director Bakht Batirovich Mavlanov 8-914-200-92-32,